Wyenet ISDN Internet Access Services for Networks

Wyenet network solutions provide Internet access and e-mail to the desktop for Microsoft®, Unix (any flavour) and Macintosh® Networks.

Why Wyenet?

By focussing on reliability, performance, and first class technical support, Wyenet has established a fine reputation with both our personal and business customers. Wyenet is the name you can trust.

All Wyenet ISDN Network services provide analogue or ISDN access to the Internet for your LAN, POP3 mailboxes with unlimited e-mail addresses, 25Mb space for your business web site and 99.5% Service Level Guarantee. Our Cyber Sentry Network Virus and Spam Screening service and/or 2 years' Domain Name Registration or transfer of your existing name, are also available for an extra fee.

Choose from 0845 Lo-Call service. No restrictions are placed on the use of ICQ or on access to streaming media. No hard timeouts are imposed on any of our services.

Our expert Technical Support Team is available to our customers free of charge and will be happy to assist should you have any problems accessing our services.

Annual or Quarterly payment plans are available, annual payments benefiting from approximately 10% discount.
*Monthly rates are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Single user Internet access

Register a Domain

Host your web site at Wyenet

Web Site Design

Server Co-Location

Permanent connections for your business

ISDN Benefits

ISDN provides a fast, reliable and easy to use service for LANs of up to 20 workstations, or even more if you use the system mainly for e-mail. The Wyenet Network Access Service provides a fully integrated Internet solution for small networks. The service provides fast Internet access for your network via an ISDN or Business Highway connection and an ISDN router (Wyenet can provide a pre-configured router if required). The router will dial up automatically when any user requires Internet access and the system will disconnect when activity ceases. E-mail services are usually handled by an SMTP e-mail gateway such as MS Exchange or Lotus Notes running on a machine on your network. If you are looking for a good e-mail solution we can supply the popular MDaemon mail server software, which runs on Windows,and comes complete with a built in Web Mail server.

Lo-Call Business Network Services - from £27.33 per month exc. VAT.*

High performance services ideal for small / medium sized business networks. The service offers a range of operating options for the discerning business user. Networks will normally be connected via a proxy server or an ISDN router. Please contact Wyenet Sales for the best prices on recommended Cisco routers and advice on security and filtering systems. The 64K service is recommended for networks of up to 10 concurrent users with average access requirements. The 128K service should be chosen for larger networks or by those likely to make intensive use of the Internet.

  • 100% Local call rate access at 64K or 128K speeds.
  • Guaranteed high performance service.
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses.
  • POP 3 Mailboxes included or SMTP mail delivery.
Lo-Call Network Service - 64K ISDN
Lo-Call Network Service - 128K ISDN

Request Information Pack

£299.00 p.a. (£82 per Qtr) Exc. VAT.
£399.00 p.a. (£110 per Qtr) Exc. VAT.

MDaemon Mail Server Option

Should you wish to allocate a large number of individual POP3 mailboxes, the use of a local mail server is recommended. This will enable you to allocate new mailboxes on demand and increase the efficiancy of your bandwidth usage. Wyenet can provide a complete network mail server package for Windows 2000 or NT4 priced according to the number of mailboxes required.

More Information on MDaemon

MDaemon Standard

MDaemon Standard is ideal for small to medium sized organisations that need a powerful and versatile mail server, but do not require the enterprise level features offered in the PRO version of MDaemon. Renowned for it's stability and functionality, the Standard version of MDaemon allows an entire organisation to receive mail from a single mailbox provided by Wyenet without having to use expensive gateways or dedicated lines.

Prices from: £85.00 Exc. VAT. for 6 user version - call Sales at Wyenet for detailed pricing. (01989 762476)

MDaemon Pro

MDaemon Pro contains all the features of Standard plus two advanced enterprise level features: IMAP4 support and Multiple Domain support. IMAP4 allows you to manipulate your Email on the server, without downloading it to your client. This allows you to use your favourite IMAP supported Email client in multiple locations. MDaemon Pro also allows you to manage an almost unlimited number of domains, creating network efficiency, increased performance and easier administration. All of this makes MDaemon Pro powerful enough to handle even the most demanding Email management requirements.

Prices from: £125.00 Exc. VAT. for 6 user version - call Sales at Wyenet for detailed pricing (01989 762476)

ISDN Routers from Cisco Systems

Wyenet is an approved re-seller for Cisco routing products and will be happy to recommend, supply and configure a suitable ISDN router for your requirements. Example products and prices are given below.

More Information on Cisco Products

Cisco 800 Series Routers

The Cisco 800 series of fixed configuration routers provides enhanced security, low cost of ownership, proven reliability, and safe investment through the power of Cisco IOS® software tailored for small offices and telecommuters. The Cisco 800 series connects these users to the Internet or to a corporate LAN via ISDN, serial connections (Frame Relay, leased lines, X.25 or asynchronous dialup), IDSL, ADSL, or dual Ethernet.

Prices from: £650.00 exc. VAT. (Pre-configured)

Cisco 1600 Series Routers

The Cisco 1600 series is the proven choice for data access for small businesses and small branch offices. Together with its WAN interface cards and Cisco IOS software, the Cisco 1600 series delivers the flexibility, security, and functionality that small offices demand today and as networks evolve. Cisco 1600 Series routers connect Ethernet LANs to the Internet or WANs via ISDN, asynchronous serial and synchronous serial connections, supporting Frame Relay, leased lines, Switched 56, Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS), and X.25. The Cisco 1601 R - 1604 R models have an Ethernet port, a built-in WAN port, and a slot for an optional second WAN port. The 1605 R router has two Ethernet ports and one WAN slot. All models are available with optional Cisco IOS Firewall feature set.

Price from: £1050.00 exc. VAT (Pre-configured)


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