Wyenet Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services 

Your current security is already out of date

You know that your business is at risk from computer virus attacks and you think you have it covered in your desktop virus package - well, chances are that you don't. Every month over 600 new and variant viruses are found, and the bulk of these arrive via email. In order to catch all those viruses you need a program that checks your system every 10 minutes - 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using the best available software available in the world. 

Wyenet Anti-Virus Protection is the solution that delivers this incredible level of service right to your door. 

As a complete solution to virus attack Wyenet Anti-Virus Protection works in tandem with your current anti-virus desktop product to ensure that you have the best cover available, and it requires no extra work - just sign-on and provide the email addresses to be covered, its really that simple! 

In addition the Wyenet Anti-Virus Protection prevents a great deal of unwanted Spam reaching your mailbox and marks suspect mail so that you can use a message rule to isolate it for checking later.

A service not a product 
The various Desktop software solutions on offer from the major suppliers, such as Norton Utilities, AVG and McAfee are only effective against known viruses at the time of production. As up to 1,400 new viruses or variants emerge every month, these products are quickly out of date unless updated every few hours. Wyenet utilizes 'Wyehost Anti-Virus' to provide the Wyenet Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Services.  

Wyehost Anti-Virus goes on working indefinitely - 24/7/365 - because we don't sell you a one-off package. 

Wyehost Anti-Virus protects your network by rerouting all e-mail through our Virus Protection System which is constantly being improved to respond to the latest virus and spam threat. 

We have well over 100,000 viruses on file and are adding to that total all the time. When you opt for our service we will defend you against threats from virus attack every minute of every day. 

Why do you need this?

The phenomenal growth of the global Internet and email as the means of communication enables us to share data more easily and efficiently then ever before. However, this new technology brings with it a whole set of new problems, one of the most important of which is emails containing a virus. The ease and speed by which viruses can now be distributed has created a serious problem for businesses today and has already led to years of man-hours of downtime and billions in lost productivity.

Wyenet Anti-Virus Protection utilizes the Wyehost Anti-Virus service that was launched in June 2010 and now uses their own proprietary 'hunter' software that acts as a further safeguard, catching hundreds of viruses every day. 

The Wyehost Anti-Virus Virus Screen is one of the most advanced virus screening systems in the world. Based on advanced scalable architecture our system provides protection for an unlimited number of emails. The system passes every email, and attachment, through three leading virus scanners, and with their proprietary message routing software there is no discernible impact on the speed of delivery. 

How much does it cost? You can protect your PC from the inconvenience and loss of information that virus infection can cause for as little as £30.00 per year exc. VAT. That's only £2.50 per month to assure your peace of mind! Monthly and Quarterly payment plans are also available.

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