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Have you registered a domain name for your Company yet?
If not, read the important information below and contact us now!

What is a domain name? 
A domain name is an identifier that provides your own unique name for your e-mail address and web site. For example, our domain names are wyenet.co.uk and wyenet.net. Our e-mail addresses are anyone@wyenet.co.uk or @wyenet.net, and, of course, our website is www.wyenet.co.uk.

Why do I need a domain name?
Getting the right business Domain Name registered could significantly affect the future of your business. Even if you have no immediate intention of having a web site, it is wise to register a relevant name now, rather than leaving it until too late and finding that it has already been taken. Be warned that there are now many companies whose business it is to register domains speculatively and resell them at grossly inflated prices. Registering any names now that you may need in future could save you pounds!

Why should I register my name through Wyenet?
Because Wyenet understands how important your domain name is to your business, we will take every step to ensure that the domain is administered effectively, hosted securely and all registration information kept up to date. No transfer fees are charged should you wish to tranfer your name to another ISP, or to transfer your name from another ISP to Wyenet. If you subscribe to any of Wyenet's services, no administration charge is made for your primary domain name, otherwise we require a modest fee of £15.00 p.a.for each name hosted.

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What should I do now?

Firstly, you may need to consider registering several names, and Wyenet can provide special packages to provide this. If you think that the Internet is, or may one day be, a valuable source of custom for you then you need as many routes into your on-line presence as possible. Here's a simple example: 

Let's say that your company name is Jones Steel Ltd. To provide maximum protection for your name you can also register various possible alternatives. These can all be pointed to your web site. For example:


You should only publicise your primary address e.g. jonessteel.co.uk. By arranging web and mail forwarding, all e-mail and web accesses using your secondary names will automatically be directed to your main address.

If you have any queries or issues with domain registrations, please contact us.

How do I get my domain name?
Contact us by email or by telephone (01989 762 476). We will check your domain's availability and register it quickly for you, and answer any questions you may have.
.uk Domains
£35.00 for 2 years
Generic Domains (.com)
£55.00 for 2 years
£5 off all names ordered on-line!
Order 5 or more domains to qualify for £10 off each domain!
Package deal - 1 .uk + 1 .com
£75.00 for 2 years
Name Hosting Fee (If applicable)
£15.00 per year
 (prices exclude VAT)


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