Leased Line Service

Make your network a part of the Internet
Permanent connection, no hidden charges.

What is a Leased Line? 
A leased line is a permanent connection between two sites. By connecting to our (NAP) (Network Access Point) via a leased line, you will have permanent access to the Internet for your whole network. As with networked ISDN, connection is made via a router.

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What Router?
If you do not already have one, we can supply a router to connect you to the Internet. We recommend a fully pre-configured CISCO 1601:-
  • 1 x Leased Line serial port. 
  • 1 x ISDN Backup Port 
  • Runs CISCO IOS 
All this complete with cable £1115.00
Additional ISDN port £375.00
Installation by Wyenet £180.00

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For lines of 64 Kbps, pricing is as follows:
 Set-up Fee  Annual Cost
£1,000 Within 15km of NAP
£1,000  Within 30km of NAP
£1,000  Over 30km of NAP

These fees include all BT costs, you will not receive a separate bill from BT.

For lines of over 64 Kbps, excluding BT charges, pricing is as follows:
 Set-up Fee  Annual Cost
£500 128 Kbps
£500  256 Kbps
£500  512 Kbps

Please call us for a BT inclusive quote.

(all prices exclude VAT)

BT Costs Explained
Budgetary BT pricing is detailed below. This is believed to be correct as of 27th October 1998, and assumes you don't currently have a BT fibre to your building. Savings on the set-up fees may be possible if you do have a fibre installed. The distances are those measured by BT (i.e. not straight line distances) between your site and the Wyenet NAP. You may either arrange your own circuit with BT, or allow us to provide an all inclusive service - it's your choice.
 Speed  Set-up Fee  Annual Fee
 128 Kbps  £1,500  £4,480 + £18 per Km
 256 Kbps  £1,500  £4,960 + £36 per Km
 512 Kbps  £2,000  £5,920 + £72 per Km

If you are planning to re-sell Internet access via dial-up or leased line connections, the annual fees above will be surcharged by 20%

Annual fees are charged quarterly, in advance. All prices exclude VAT and are based on 1 year contract terms