Wyenet Server Co-Location and Housing

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Why Wyenet?
If you feel that your Web business has outgrown the performance and flexibility offered by a shared hosting solution, then why not consider housing your own server at Wyenet’s network centre? Giving you almost complete freedom of choice of the hardware and software you wish to use, a Wyenet Server Co-location package provides a fast, reliable connection to the Internet, predictable costs, continuous system monitoring, and, above all, you have total control of your own servers.

Your servers are protected by uninterruptible power supplies, housed in a secure air-conditioned environment, and connected to the Internet via industry leading Cisco routers.  Customers may have physical access to their equipment by appointment between 0900 and 2000 Monday to Friday, and 0900 to 1200 Saturdays. Our technical staff is also available to carry out tasks on your server if required. There will be a modest charge for this service.

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Wyenet's Server Housing Facility

Wyenet offers secure housing for your server at its Herefordshire based facility.

Our facility provides:

  • Housing for 19" Rack Mounted Servers
  • Physically secure, air conditioned environment
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • High speed Internet access 
  • Cisco Network routers and switches 
  • Leased/Managed servers from 1U 
  • Support for Windows and Linux 
  • Dedicated 100M or 1G switch port
  • UPS protected power supplies 
  • High level availability exceeding 99.9% 
  • Environmentally monitored and controlled 
  • Ultra fast network and internet access 
Wyenet Co-Location Service Level Agreements
Wyenet can provide a choice of Service Level Agreements to relieve you of the necessity of monitoring, managing, backing up and maintaining your server facilities. Wyenet SLAs leave you free to run your business and develop your web presence in the way you want - choose the level of support that meets your needs.The Standard SLA is included with all colocation services.

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Service Options
There are two charging options for Wyenet Server Co-Location bandwidth. You can either be charged for the actual volume of traffic that your server generates each month, or, alternatively, you can pay a fixed charge depending only on the capacity of the connection of your server to the Internet.
Traffic Charges
With this plan you pay for the actual volume of data transferred on a monthly basis. Servers may burst up to 2Mb/s; you will automatically be invoiced for usage that exceeds your commitment. This plan is probably the best choice for servers that are generating a relatively low volume of traffic.
Capacity Charges
With this plan your web server is installed on a restricted bandwidth link. This ensures that your bandwidth does not exceed your budget, by limiting the maximum burst. The amount of data transferred is not limited.
Co-Location charges consist of a server housing charge plus a Traffic or Capacity charge. All charges are payable in advance. A discount of 15% is applied to annual payments.
Wyenet can also supply, configure and maintain a server on your behalf if you prefer. This can be matched to your precise requirements and specification. Please call for details of this service.
Server Housing Charges
Server Configuration Quarterly Charge Annual Charge
Per 1U 19" Rack £44.12 £150.00

The housing charges include 75 watts of power per U, air conditioning and UPS power backup. If a 1U server requires more than 75 watts of power, then an additional 75 watts may be added at the same cost as 1U.

Traffic Charges

Data Transfer / Month Quarterly Charge Annual Charge
100Gb £87.00 £290.00
200Gb £165.00 £550.00
500Gb £390.00 £1,300.00
1000Gb £735.00 £2,450.00
5Tb £2,700.00 £9,000.00

Data Transfer in excess of your commitment in any single month will be charged at £20.00 per 5Gb/Month. (Exc.VAT)

Capacity Charges

Bandwidth Capacity Quarterly Charge Annual Charge
512Kb/s £125.00 £450.00
1024Kb/s £235.00 £850.00
2Mb/s £435.00 £1,575.00
5Mb/s £825.00 £3,000.00

We will advise you if, in our opinion, your bandwidth limit requires upgrading to maintain server performance.

All quoted prices exclude VAT.

Server Back-up Service
Wyenet can provide an optional weekly backup package for your server. (See also Enhanced SLA)

Data Volume Set up Quarterly Annual
Up to 5Gb  £100.00 £150.00 £550.00
Additional per Gb   £30.00 £110.00

Additional Terms & Conditions applying to Server Co-location / Housing

  1. The Customer is responsible for insurance of the hardware. The servers are placed in a highly secure environment.
  2. The customer is responsible for back up of data on the server. (Back up service available at extra cost)
  3. The server must be clearly labelled with the name of the customer, contact name and contact phone number.
  4. All payments are in advance – payment must be made before the server is connected to our network.
  5. We reserve the right to ask the customer to remove the server or pay a higher rate should the level of accesses be such as to affect our ability to provide service to other customers.
  6. We will make our best efforts to ensure that access to the customers server is maintained at the highest possible level but are not responsible for any loss of business or any other losses to the customer should access to the server fail for any reason whether beyond our control or not.
  7. Equipment should be of 19” Rack Mounting - 4U or less, or mini-tower configuration. A keyboard and monitor are not required.