Wyenet FlexiServ Server Leasing 

Why Wyenet?
IIf your Web Site is your business, and you need guaranteed availability, fail safe back up and support, and fast, secure access at all times, then a Wyenet Leased Server package is what you need. Suitable for web site designers, web developers, resellers and others, dedicated professional servers are the best of the best when it comes to hosting your website(s) and their content. What you get is your own hardware, software and bandwidth connection, all located in a secure data centre with skilled staff on hand to ensure that it’s properly looked after.

Your WebServ servers are protected by uninterruptible power supplies, housed in a secure air-conditioned environment, and connected to the Internet via industry leading Cisco routers.  Customers may have physical access to their equipment by appointment between 0900 and 2000 Monday to Friday, and 0900 to 1200 Saturdays. Our technical staff is also available to carry out tasks on your server if required. There will be a modest charge for this service.

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Wyenet Leased Servers
  • 1U (1.75") Low Profile Case
  • Intel Celeron (up to 800MHz) or Pentium III (up to 1GHz) CPUs
  • Up to 512MB SDRAM (2 DIMMs)
  • Dual Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet Adapters
  • Integrated SVGA Video
  • SCSI or IDE Drives
  • Browser Management System (Linux)
  • Easy Set up and Configuration
  • Very Secure, Virtually Hack-free Operating System
  • Built-in Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS, DHCP and SAMBA File/Printing Server
  • Browser - based or Direct Remote Management Options
  • Supports Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Netware, Windows NT/2000 and Solaris

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New Third Generation Server from
Wyenet is pleased to offer clients the FlexiServ WebServ - a new third-generation server providing a complete pre-packaged solution for web hosting with support for high-traffic complex web sites and e-commerce applications.
WebServ is a Low Profile, high performance, Network/Web Server housed in a small 1U (1.75” height) unit. WebServ comes in multiple configurations depending on CPU, memory and storage to fit almost any requirement.

Secure, Easy to Manage Operating System
 WebServ can be supplied either fully configured with Linux based O/S pre-installed or with an unformatted drive for loading your own O/S. WebServ supports Linux, Windows NT/2000, Unix, FreeBSD, Netware or Solaris. WebServ’s Linux Network/Web Server O/S is an easy-to-use, very secure browser-based management system. It allows users to configure and set up the server’s features remotely and combines application and system functions into a unified and simple user interface.
The browser-based user interface frees the system administrator from technical complexities and minimizes the need for technical staff. Total security and peace of mind are distinct features of WebServ’s Linux-based O/S. With host-security technology built-in, it reduces costly maintenance, administration and downtime caused by vulnerabilities inherent in standard Linux OS distributions. Each server appliance service module (web, email, file, print, etc.) is secured with this virtually hack-free technology, hardening these applications from Internet attacks.

Your WebServ server will be installed in Wyenet’s secure data centre and connected to our high-speed network.

WebServ is available from Wyenet to LEASE only. Minimum contract term 1 year. Quarterly or Annual payments.

Quarterly and Annual Charges for WebServ Servers
Model Memory Hard Disk Set up Annual Fee Quarterly Fee
Webserv C667-128-20 128Mb 20Gb £195.00 £1185.00 £325.00
WebServ C667-256-30 256Mb 30Gb £195.00 £1585.00 £435.00
WebServ C667-512-40 512Mb 40Gb £195.00 £1985.00 £545.00
Quarterly payments to be collected by Standing Order only.

Other configurations of WebServ servers are available to special order. Please call 01989 762476 for prices.

Bandwidth Provision
The basic WebServ package includes rack space, power and data transfers up to 4 Gb per month. Upgrades are available, taking the basic provision to either 10 Gb or 20 Gb per month.

Bandwidth Upgrade Options
Bandwidth Upgrade Annual Fee Quarterly Fee
4Gb / Month to 10Gb / Month +£460.00 +£125.00
10Gb / Month to 20Gb / Month +£780.00 +£215.00
4Gb / Month to 20Gb / Month +£1140.00 +£340.00

Wyenet can provide an optional weekly backup package for your WebServ server

Server Backup Options
Data Volume Set up Annual Fee Quarterly Fee
Up to 5Gb per week £100.00 £550.00 £150.00
Per Additional Gb / week   £110.00 £30.00

Wyenet's Server Housing Facility

Wyenet offers secure housing for your server at its Herefordshire based facility.

Our facility provides:

  • Physically secure, air conditioned environment
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • High speed Internet access 
  • Cisco Network routers and switches 
  • Leased/Managed servers from 1U 
  • Support for Windows, Solaris and Linux 
  • Dedicated 10M/100M switch port
  • UPS protected power supplies 
  • High level availability exceeding 99.9% 
  • Environmentally monitored and controlled 
  • Ultra fast network and internet access 
Wyenet Leased Server Service Level Agreements
Wyenet can provide a choice of Service Level Agreements to relieve you of the necessity of monitoring, managing, backing up and maintaining your server facilities. Wyenet SLAs leave you free to run your business and develop your web presence in the way you want - choose the level of support that meets your needs.The Standard SLA is included with all Server Leasing contracts.

Click Here to check out the available options.

Systems Management (Optional)

You may feel that you don’t have the inclination or the technical ability to manage and configure your server on an ongoing basis, or maybe you just think that your time would be better spent within your core business.
No problem, here at Wyenet we have the solution! By making use of our Systems Management Service you can simply contract us to manage your servers for you.

The Wyenet Systems Management Service includes:

  • Operating System – Log file rotation, adding and removing users, network and IP configuration etc.
  • Security – Installing security patches and upgrades.
  • Web Server- Installing and configuring modules, virtual hosts and password protection.
  • FTP Server – Adding and removing users, configuring anonymous FTP.
  • Mail Server – Adding e-mail addresses, POP3 accounts, auto-responders and mailing lists.
  • DNS – Adding and removing domain names, modifying zone records and managing DNS configuration.
Server Management Charge

Servers hosting 25 or fewer virtual sites:
£3000.00 per year or £825.00 per quarter.

Servers hosting in excess of 25 virtual sites:
£4500.00 per year or £1225.00 per quarter.

Additional Terms & Conditions applying to Server Leasing

  1. The customer is responsible for back up of data on the server. (Back up service available at extra cost)
  2. All payments are in advance – payment must be made before the server is connected to our network.
  3. We reserve the right to ask the customer to pay a higher rate should the level of accesses be such as to affect our ability to provide service to other customers.
  4. We will make our best efforts to ensure that access to the customers server is maintained at the highest possible level but are not responsible for any loss of business or any other losses to the customer should access to the server fail for any reason whether beyond our control or not.