Complaints and appeal procedures


It is Wyehost’s aim to provide the best ISP service in the UK to our end users. To ensure that any complaints can be fully investigated and resolved satisfactorily, Wyehost Ltd has a clearly defined procedure that is readily available to all customers as follows.


Step 1

In the first instance, we ask that customers should contact Account Enquiries at Tel: 44(0)1989 760902; Fax: 44(0)1989 760907;  Email: Telephone contact numbers may also be found at: An advisor will take all relevant information regarding the complaint and will investigate thoroughly and, where possible, resolve the issue directly.


Step 2

In most cases, no further action will be necessary. However, if the adviser is unable to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction, your complaint will be escalated to the Senior Business Manager, who will contact you within four hours and undertake further investigation. He/she will then report back to you within 48 hours.


Step 3

Customers not satisfied with the resolution or explanation provided can make a further written complaint to the Senior Business Manager who will respond in writing within 14 days of receipt.

Step 4


In the event that all the above procedures have been followed and completed without eliciting an acceptable response or proposed resolution, the manager will provide the necessary instructions to enable a written complaint to be made to the Managing Director who will respond in writing within 30 days of receipt.