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Technical Support
When you subscribe to Wyenet, you will be given contact details for technical support. The technical support service is free of charge, unlimited and unsurpassed. If possible please use the links below or our e-mail address;

If you do need urgent help we can be telephoned on 44(0)1989 760901 and we will do our utmost to help you.

Response Times
We aim to respond to all enquiries the same working day, Any enquiry that cannot be resolved immediately is tracked by our support ticketing system, until the enquiry has been answered.

System Status
This page shows information on anything that is currently affecting the performance of any part of our system.

System Status

Value Added Services
As described in the business services sections, some of our services include user configurable options. Instruction and support for these is available upon request. Frequently requested service information is linked to below:-

Web Page Design

Our Free Web Stats!!

Freespace FTP

Commercial Space FTP

Email Settings

CGI Scripts

Contact Technical Support
If you wish to contact technical support, click here.