How to get your freespace
If you wish to make use of the free webspace included with all dial up products, please contact us initially and ask for your site to be activated.

You will now have a site addressed as either:- or

You will need a package such as CuteFTP to upload your web site. We will give you details needed to connect to your site as follows:-

FTP Hostname:

FTP Username: same as your dial-up username
FTP Password: same as your dial-up password

Our freespace websites do not allow you to use your own CGI scripts, but Wyenet con provide a number of scripts for you to use such as mailto form and counter. Of course, if you wish to use another script, email it to and we will consider it for inclusion with existing free scripts.

Make sure that you name the first page or frameset of your site "index.html" so that it loads automatically.

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