Commercial Web Site FTP
You will need a package such as FileZilla to upload your web site. We will give you details needed to connect to your site as follows:-

FTP Hostname: your domain name (e.g.

FTP Username: normally the same as your dial-up username
FTP Password: same as your dial-up password

When you first connect to your site, you will find folders and files already there. The files are simply an automatic site set-up by our servers, you may delete these. However, do not delete the directories "logs" and "cgi-bin", even if you are not using them.

The directory "cgi-bin" is where you should store any scripts you wish to use. See the CGI section for more information.

The director "logs" is where weekly access logs are stored, updating every Monday at 12:00 am. These will be deleted to save space when they are over 1 month old. Th elogs use the common log file format and can be downloaded and used with any analyser to produce access statistics.

Make sure that you name the first page or frameset of your site "index.html" so that it loads automatically.

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