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New Servers coming online

New super fast MySQL database server with massively increased performance and capacity is now online. Greatly increasing the performance of all our web hosting packages.

Even better value.

Our popular Managed hosted websites are now even better value, as we have dropped our setup fees!

New entry level web hosting package.

Our new 'Basic' plan hosting offers affordable quality, with sites hosted on our Sun Ultra based web servers, at our lowest ever price of just £ 45 per year.

Faster Webservers

As the internet continues to grow, and broadband connections become more common, the need for more powerful webservers becomes necessary. We are pleased to announce that we have just completed a major refit of our Data centre's Webservers.

Now with 64bit processors and the latest hard disks, our servers are now faster than ever.

Increased reliability.

We're pleased to report that the installation of our second internet connection has increased reliabilty. We achieved 99.99% Availability during May.

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