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Warm Welcome
We are delighted to announce a new member to Wyenet’s Team. Those of you dealing frequently with our Helpdesk may well have already spoken to him.

William Hazelton has joined our Technical Services Team as a first point of contact for customers. Previously a Computing Technology teacher at a local school, William has many years experience in computing and together with great communication skills we are sure he will be an effective and important addition to the Team.

Welcome aboard the Wyenet Surf!

Have you caught a virus recently?

With the common cold being everybody’s fear during the winter months, have you given any thought to your computers health?

Bugbear is one of the latest viruses that, together with many others, has caused havoc to computers around the world. If your machine does get infected the result is usually a large amount of inconvenience and may result in the loss of important data.

To help keep your computer in tiptop condition, please consider our Anti-Virus Service if you haven’t already done so. At an annual cost of only £25.00 + VAT per user we think this is great value for money.

To date our AV screening has stopped 21,456 infected emails from reaching customers’ systems.

If you wish to register for this service, please contact our Technical Services Department on 01989 566446 or e-mail us.


Otherwise known as unsolicited mail, we have a large number of customers asking if we can intercept these annoying and unwanted mailings. We are pleased to announce that this service is now available FREE to Anti-Virus subscribers. If it is of interest to you please contact our Technical Department on 01989 566446 who will talk you through the set up process.

As a general rule you should never use the unsubscribe links on spam as this just confirms your address is active.

We have been asked if it would be possible to block all e-mails from who are currently responsible for a lot of spam. We would be able to do this providing nobody objects, so if you feel strongly about this please let us know by e-mailing before 1 December 2002.

Sun Cobalt RaQ4 Servers
Wyenet are proud to announce that we are now accredited resellers of Sun Cobalt RaQ4 servers which are available to lease or buy.

Providing support for high-traffic complex web sites and e-commerce applications. If your Web Site is your business and you need guaranteed availability, fail safe back up and support, and fast, secure access at all times, then a Wyenet package is what you need.

With the recent upsurge in advertising for Broadband, you may be wondering what it is all about.

Broadband (also known as ADSL) is a high-speed internet connection over your existing telephone line offered by BT in many areas of the country. It is considerably faster than a normal modem connection with speeds of up to 2Mbps available for large businesses.

Even though ADSL is not yet available in Ross-on-Wye, Wyenet is able to provide a Broadband service for those who live in supported areas. We can offer domestic connections from £33.00 + VAT per month and business connections from £81.00 + VAT per month.

If BT have not yet enabled your local exchange with ADSL, they will be waiting for enough interest to be registered before offering the service in your area. To have your interest registered (a firm commitment to take out an ADSL service when available) please send us your name, telephone number and e-mail address and we will submit it to the right place within BT.

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